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This is Prosimii, my seventh design for OSWD. The design was inspired by a former homepage of Ximian, a company that produces enterprise-level Linux products. The name is a play on the word simian (which sounds like Ximian). Prosimii is one of the suborders of the order Primates, and includes the lemur, loris and tree shrew genera.

I guess this design is most suitable as an introductory or sitemap page to a website. These boxes range in size from one-quarter to full-screen width, so they can accomodate information of various sizes. An alternative layout is also included in this template.



Prosimii is 100% compliant with XHTML 1.0 Strict and uses CSS. [Validate XHTML]

Unlike this design’s inspiration, no tables have been used to layout elements and text.


An external stylesheet dictates the format and layout of text in this design.

Thus, website-wide design changes can be achieved by editing only the stylesheet.


Prosimii’s stylesheet is more robust and comprehensive than my previous designs.

This design has been tested for consistent rendering in Gecko (Mozilla Firefox 0.10.1), Opera (7.01) and Internet Explorer (6.0).


Prosimii tentatively conforms to the WCAG double A rating and § 508 guidelines for web content accessibility.

Additionally, most document metrics (lengths, widths and spacings) are font-size relative.